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Everyone has some one that holds a very special place
in their hearts. Butterball is kind of shy
and doesn't want to do a page on herself,
so I am adding one to mine.

Butterball is also known to many of her friends as Piglet.

"Oh dear! Oh, dear, oh dearie, dearie, dear!!"

Little Known Facts
  • Butterball has a pet rooster named "Charlie"

  • Butterball used to be a motorcycle Mama. Had a Harley.

    While BB was here,
    we were fortunate to get a tour of
    the McAdam Railroad Station.
    It has been designated a National Historic Site
    and is in the process of being restored
    to it's former glory.
    And guess what?
    I am now the official homepage master for
    the McAdam Historical Restoration Committee.
    Isn't that a kick?
    Below is a picture of the station
    from the back side of it.

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