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Making the Pain Go Away


This is the children's Angel of Happiness. Please click on her to adopt your own.


Teach Your Children Well

Tips For Parents

[angel] Define a stranger. A letter carrier seen every day is still a stranger.

[angel] Teach your child his/her full name, your full name, address and telephone number.

[angel] Teach your child how to use the telephone, include area codes, collect calls,
pay phones.

[angel] Teach your child to use the buddy system.
It is best to travel in groups and to stay away from isolated places.

Never leave your child unattended in a car.

[angel] Know who your child is with, and where.

Establish strict procedures regarding who will pick up your child from school,
etc. and be meticulously consistent.

[angel] Know your child's routes to school, to friends' houses, etc.

[angel] Be extremely cautious and thorough when selecting babysitters, preschools,
and daycare. Check references. Get to know the person.

[angel] Instruct your child to scream, shout, yell, kick and fight
if threatened by a stranger.

[angel]If your child has access to the internet, teach him/her to not give
out personal information, such as address and telephone number,
without your permission.

For further information contact Missing Children Society Of Canada