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The following are some poems
that were sent to me by a wonderful friend.
Her nick is Taurus and these are her compositions.


He would never have understood my pain
He would never have had compassion
for my insecurities,
my lack of adventure

I know circumstances,
I've experienced the unknown,
I've seen around the corner

Often it wasn't safe or pretty
or something to want for ever again
he never could have understood
my ambivalence about his passions
for things, which I could not pursue
There would not have been the empathy
needed to keep our relationship true
I would have been invisible,
as one must be in this sort of mix
I am saddened to say;
it never would have clicked
He wouldn't have seen beneath the exterior
it never would have worked

He would have been oblivious to the beauty
Stirring from within


I want to feel the love
but I donít want to be a maiden
I want to feel the power of your love
but I need to be seen as an equal human being
I want your strengths but not your rule
I want to be emancipated within you love

See me as I am

A woman to love who posses a determined mind
A passionate soul ignited by your light, and love
A woman that is truly the love of your life
to have and to hold

remember me too as one with similar needs
to flourish within this life
Comfort, kindness, intellectual pursuits,
including physical delights
I want your love.
I need the warming of your touch
I want your strengths,
your weaknesses,
your maleness,
the wonders of your mind

I see your many dimensions,
so please see mine
and we'll always share a love
with value enhanced with comfort and respect
and acceptance of my strengths
won't brand you as less of a man