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Prayers Are Little Things

Each one of us can make a prayer,
with just a little breath.
It doesn't have to be profound
Just takes a little faith.

A tiny sigh, a chorus sung
If it is from the heart
Can reach the throne, of God on high
Just need to make a start

And as each prayer is lifted up
The many become the one
That can be heard as the chorus rings
And the answering is done.

Zack is a three year old little boy who has Cystic Fibrosis.
Zack is not doing very well,
and is currently in the hospital,
Please pray for Zack and his family.

Please help find this little girl.
Click on picture to read about her.
Your prayers are urgently needed
so that she can be home for Christmas.


Thank you Shirley

Thank you Kristie

Update: They have found more tumors
on Eddie's brain and
one on his spine.
Please keep this family
in your prayers.

Chad is awake now and
beginning the long road
back to full wellness.

Please click on the picture of Chad
and sign his prayer book.
Chad needs to know that there
are people out here who are praying.
Thank you so much.

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