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Prestigious Women




A Prestigious Women is a woman of all skin colors,
all sizes, and from all over the world.
No single race, religion or creed makes a Prestigious Women.
We all have hearts of steel that break easily.
We are born not made.

As Prestigious Women we have come together
to make lifes journey a little easier to travel.
We would never ask anything of another we would not
ask of our selves first.
We are true to our selves but we would never
dishonor anyone to remain that way.

We are tolerant of others that are different than us,
sympathetic with those less fortunate
and patient with others that may need more patience.

We have been given the gift of life as a women.
A gift that is sometimes to short and is riddled with up hill climbs.
We hold out our hands to help our sisters up when they have fallen.
We help stop a tear from being shed when a sisters heart is breaking.
We laugh with our sisters when they share lifes ups and downs.
And we nurture that gift of beauty from within.





Ophelia Art Graphic used with kind permission, Courtesy Jonathon Earl Bowser

Graphics by Sunny