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I have been very fortunate
in winning many awards for my webpage.
I have often thought about giving out
awards but didn't want it to be just
an apply and get it one.
These awards are earned by merit.
Many times I am out surfing
the web and see some fantastic sites
that have touched my heart
for one reason or another.
What impresses me is webpage design.
Do you have something different to offer?
or are you presenting it in a
different way?
You could be the winner of one of three awards.

This first award is
Bronze Rose Award.
This award is presented to a site that
shows great promise.
Usually awarded to a page that is fairly
new and the webmaster or webmistress
is in the learning process.


The next award is
The Silver Rose Award.
This award is presented to
websites that show style
and a knowledge of html
and design beyond
the beginner stage.

This last award is
The Golden Rose Award
and is presented to the best on the web.
These sites are the ones that
reach out and take your
breath away.


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Please do not take without permission.