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What a difference a lifetime makes!!

Today I am a well adjusted wife, mother and grandmother.
My husband and I have been married
for eighteen years and still love each other dearly.
He has taught me that love doesn't hurt,
and that when someone says "I promise"
they mean it.
He has taught me the value of trusting,
when that was the one thing I couldn't do.
He has allowed me the freedom to be me,
and continues to love me
when I am not all that lovable.

My children are all adults,
with children of their own.
My grandchildren are very special to me.
I call them Nana's revenge.
Those of you out there who are grandparents
will understand what I mean.

I have worked for the past 10 years
as a food bank co-ordinator, and also as
accounting clerk for a sheltered workshop
for physically and intellectually challenged adults.
Working in this environment has also
taught me many life lessons.
When I see the joy that the employees have
for everyday things,
it gives me the joy too,
and appreciation for the small things in life.

I collect porcelain dolls, (by choice),
and teddybears,
(not by choice, do you hear me kids?).
My puter is my main hobby, and I have met so many
wonderful people through it.
I love working on pages,
and chatting on ICQ.

I am involved in many outside activities also,
(but if you ask my DH, he would say when?)
I like swimming, and outings with my family.
I love to read and do cross stitch.

On the whole, I have a very good life,
and am happy at last.